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These past couple of years have been tough on a lot of people, many lost jobs, and some even lost family members and friends. The “great” pandemic of 2020 has impacted many lives and lively hoods. It’s not all bad though, families have spent more time together, entrepreneurs have bloomed and even the environment has benefited!

And out of the ashes of 2020, Iron Pig Projects was born. We too had to start over, the hospitality and travel industry took a significant hit due to lockdowns all around the world, and we had to close our little backpackers’ lodge.

Our vision may have changed, we now do web design and development full-time, with printing and leather work on the side, but our mission is still the same! We want to serve people. For us, this means providing a top-class product for as little cost to our clients as possible. We have put together some simple web design and e-commerce packages and started our own web hosting company.

Something else that changed with the antics of 2020 is that we started homeschooling our ‘littles’. We discovered that printing all the digital curriculums is not cheap (whether doing it at home ourselves or paying a professional). With this in mind, we are also now offering an affordable printing option for homeschoolers.

Our other interests include leatherwork, developing digital products, gardening, and learning how to live sustainably (we care about the environment too!). We will be constantly adding new products to our store. Check back often to see what’s new.

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