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If you have a PDF, we can print it!

Like many others, we started homeschooling in 2020 while under a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. We quickly learned that printing homeschool curriculums and other materials at the local stationers or print shops was a costly exercise. This got us thinking, how can we help make it more affordable for others?

And so, another facet was added to Iron Pig Projects, PDF printing.

Price List & Printing Guidelines

Black & White Double-sided R 0.80 per side
Single-sided R 0.90
Colour Double-sided R 1.00 per side
Single-sided R 1.10
Laminating R 9.00 per sheet
Wire Binding Vinyl Cover R 20.00
Laminated Covers R 30.00
Two-hole Punch - no charge
A5 staple (max 35 sheets) no charge
Back Cover Stiff Card 1.2mm R 10.00 per A4 sheet
Card 0.6mm R 5.00 per A4 sheet

Before placing your order, please read through these guidelines. If you have any questions, kindly check our FAQ page or feel free to email us at Make sure your document is ‘click-and-print’ ready. What does this mean? If you have multiple PDF files that you would like print and bind together, combine them into one pdf document ready for printing and send us the single pdf document.

If there are pages in the document that you do not want us to print, you can use to remove these pages and send us the modified pdf document. is a great FREE online tool for modifying your PDFs. We can only print from PDF files, please ensure your file is in the correct format before sharing it.

How many pages are in your PDF file? You can usually find this number at the top of your pdf viewer. Please take note that if you are selecting double-sided printing, this will be accounted for - do not cut your page numbers in half. How should we flip the paper? This is how you want your document printed on paper when choosing double-sided printing and/or binding.

  • Portrait orientation + long edge flip = normal book
  • Portrait orientation + short edge flip = notepad (the binding would be at the top of the page.)
  • Landscape orientation + long edge flip = calendar
  • Landscape orientation + short edge flip = a wide book

Our turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. The turnaround time is from the time your order is confirmed (PDFs and proof of payment have been received) to the time it is ready to ship. We strive to stay within the listed turnaround time. However, during loadshedding and peak printing periods it is not guaranteed.

All sales are final once payment has been received.